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Posted by ravi@ravibhindi.ca on July 12, 2022

Surrey Vs Langley, Which One Is Better City For Real Estate Investment?

Many people ask if buying pre construction real estate is a great investment?

The City of Surrey has plenty of opportunities with new developments popping up every month — just look around! In many cases, buying in a presale stage of a development can be very lucrative, but the key is to find the right realtor and a project that has high investment return caliber

About the City of Langley?

The city of Langley, British Columbia, is located on the banks of the Fraser River, between Vancouver and Abbotsford. It’s a suburb of Vancouver, with a population of over 50,000 people.

Langley City has everything you could ask for in a vibrant urban community: good schools, parks and recreational facilities, restaurants, shopping malls, services and entertainment venues all within walking distance from any home or condo you buy there.

If you’re looking for a place to invest in real estate, Langley City may be the right choice for you. It’s a suburb of Vancouver that is located on the south side of Fraser River, just east of the city’s central business district.

About the City of Surrey?

The city of Surrey is a great place to buy real estate and hold it for a long time. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, and has been called the “city of choice”. It is close to Vancouver, and yet far enough away that you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

The city of Surrey has a population of over 517,000 people. This makes it one of the largest cities in Canada. It is also considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in all of North America. This is due mostly to immigration and immigration is something that will continue to happen as long as this area remains a safe place for new Canadians to live.

Surrey is known as the city of choice because it offers so many amenities. There are parks, shopping malls, restaurants and more than 300 restaurants within a 5 minute walk from your condo. You will have access to everything that you need without having to leave your neighbourhood.

Analysis of Surrey & Langley

Analysis #1: Transit Connectivity

Both Surrey & Langley are being transformed by rapid transit — and it’s about to get even better. The city of Surrey & the district of Langley have been experiencing a boom in development, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

By the end of year 2024 there is going to be an 11-km-long Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT line which could begin construction in 2019

The City is also planning for its third phase of transit expansion: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along 104 Avenue between Surrey Central Station and Newton Town Centre.

Analysis #2: Attractions In Langley & Surrey

The city of Langley is home to a number of attractions including:

  • Langley Events Centre – a world-class convention centre that regularly hosts concerts and sporting events;
  • Walnut Grove Farm – an award-winning farm that showcases sustainable agriculture in action;
  • Langley Centennial Museum & Archives – home to one of BC’s largest collections of historical artifacts from around BC;
  • Fort Langley National Historic Site – an 1827 fur trade outpost which played an important role in early British Columbia history;

The city of Surrey is home to a number of attractions including:

  • Surrey Nature Centre, which offers guided tours and has a wildlife display featuring live animals
  • The Gateway Theatre, which hosts a variety of events including concerts and movies
  • Surrey City Hall, where the local government meets and holds public events
  • The Surrey Arts Centre, which features art exhibitions and performances
  • Surrey Central Library, which offers programs for children and adults

Analysis #3: New Developments

There are a lot more developments coming up in the city of surrey and langley. Both cities have immense real estate potential and in the coming years, due to immigration and lower cost of living compared to bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver, these cities will see exponential growth in the future.

You can find new developments in Langley & Surrey by clicking here

Don't Make Your Decision based on Emotion

Take a moment to read the pros and cons of each neighbourhood so that you’ll know exactly why one is better than the other. This way, you won’t be blinded by the beauty or ambiance of one area over the other, but will instead base your choice on what you can afford, what schools are available and whether or not it’s close to work for you.

Our Advice

Find a realtor can help you find the best presale development, negotiate on the price and ensure everything goes smoothly. Before you work with a presale expert realtor, make sure he or she has as many years of experience in the industry as possible.

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