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As one of Surrey’s leading & experienced Real Estate Company, we take the stress out of the Real Estate Investment Equation. We assure our investors with peace of mind that our property management experience will attain our investors, great tenants who will be given a set of expectations of how to upkeep & maintain your investment property.

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We will help your unit rent out for you with expert level screening

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Draft the tenancy agreement with addendums to set expectations for tenants

Resources to Self Manage Tenants

Educate our investor customers make their condo a completely passive investment

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Explore our products to learn more about your insurance options and in addition receive a quote from us.

Ipresale Condos is the Largest Condo Directory in Surrey that offers range of serices to their clients with no hidden surcharges. We manage Condo’s wood frame and concrete towers, Town Homes, full Houses, and split level houses (upper suites and basements suites)

Our diverse team of industry specialists take pride in protecting your condos by managing your bottom line through extensive planning, budgeting, and cost analysis. We are highly specialized in the field of property management services and with years of experience we ensure that we’ll set you up with a ready made investment property 

The tenant pays for the heat, light, cable TV, Internet and the landlord pays for the strata fees & property taxes

They both do. The content of the insurance of a Tenant is different from the content of insurance of a Landlord

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