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Fraser Mills: A Grand Transformation


Fraser Mills in Coquitlam, BC | Prices, Plans, Availability


Situated on the 95-acre historic Fraser River Sawmill site in South Coquitlam, Fraser Mills is an ambitious mixed-use, master-planned riverside community meticulously crafted by Beedie Living. Over the course of the next quarter-century, this visionary project will unfurl its transformation.


Upon its grand completion, Fraser Mills will unfurl its grandeur, unveiling a myriad of housing choices for an impressive 5,500 households, elegantly nestled within 20 towering structures. Furthermore, it will house vibrant commercial and retail spaces destined to employ a workforce of 1,700 individuals. Alongside these remarkable facets, it will offer an array of public amenities that promise to enrich the lives of its residents, including a captivating waterfront aquatic centre, a bustling urban plaza, a meandering foreshore walkway, and a sprawling 9.4 acres of usable parkland.


At its zenith, Fraser Mills will primarily comprise market condominiums and stacked townhomes, augmented by the addition of 260 market rental and 200 non-market rental apartments, fostering a diverse and inclusive community.


Beyond its residential offerings, Fraser Mills will boast a vibrant spectrum of commercial spaces, housing charming cafes, a bustling supermarket, inviting restaurants, stylish boutiques, efficient offices, and even light industrial spaces, exemplified by the thriving Olivier’s La Boulangerie bakery already in operation on-site.


Intriguingly, Fraser Mills is committed to enhancing the quality of life for its future inhabitants, with plans for on-site childcare and a well-structured elementary school. A seasonal farmer’s market and the allure of food trucks will further diversify the culinary experiences within the community. Alongside the green expanses found atop the Fraser Mills parkades, residents will enjoy a plethora of amenities, including winding bike trails, a dynamic soccer pitch, well-kept tennis courts, welcoming open gathering spaces, and captivating public art installations.




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Fraser Mills by Beedie Living



The Beauty of Balance: Urban Elegance & Nature


At the heart of Waterfront Village Centre lies a sprawling 9.4 acres of picturesque parkland, an inviting wharf, a charming pier, a bustling plaza, meandering trails, and an array of community amenities. These include a delightful bandstand for entertainment and a lively playground for children to enjoy.


Moving forward, Fraser Mills is set to undergo a remarkable transformation. It will boast a rejuvenated wharf and the addition of a Riverside Linear Park that will seamlessly connect with the neighboring community. This integration will be achieved through the creation of a versatile multi-use trail corridor and a captivating promenade right along the serene banks of the Fraser River.


Moreover, a grand 48,000-square-foot aquatic center, complete with an enticing indoor pool, will be designated for the City of Coquitlam’s public use. Adjacent to this aquatic haven, you will find a meticulously designed urban plaza adorned with distinctive materials and thoughtfully furnished with inviting street furniture.








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