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2270 Springer Ave,




The Ultimate Luxury Address in Brentwood




Étoile Gold, the crowning jewel of the Millennium Development’s Étoile masterplan, stands tall as an impressive 47-storey tower that draws inspiration from the world’s most renowned hotels. This architectural marvel graces the Brentwood skyline with its presence, offering a harmonious blend of 274 condominiums, 102 rental apartments, and 3 townhomes.


Diversity is the hallmark of Étoile Gold’s design, catering to a wide spectrum of housing needs. Its offerings range from cozy studios to versatile live/work townhouses, including adaptable units to accommodate various lifestyles. Floor plans are designed to span from 453 to a generous 2,039 sq ft, with the potential to house up to three bedrooms alongside a den


Residents of Étoile Gold are bestowed with a wealth of indulgent amenities spanning five luxurious levels. The experience commences with a grand lobby that boasts a dedicated concierge, setting the tone for the opulence that follows. State-of-the-art fitness facilities beckon fitness enthusiasts, while co-working lounges provide spaces for productivity. The crown jewel of this opulent tower is the panoramic Sky Lounge, complemented by lush garden spaces.


Located at the intersection of Douglas Road and Springer Avenue, Étoile Gold offers unbeatable convenience. Situated a mere 600 meters from the Holdom Station, residents enjoy seamless, car-free access to Vancouver, the Tri-Cities, and New Westminster.


For everyday essentials, the nearby Costco, just a 4-minute drive away, ensures that restocking your fridge and pantry is effortless. Brentwood Town Centre, located at The Amazing Brentwood, provides a comprehensive array of shopping and professional services to meet all your needs.


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47 Storeys of Pure Luxury


For those with an active lifestyle, the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex, a mere 10-minute journey via the Central Valley Greenway, offers outstanding sports facilities. The picturesque Burnaby Lake Regional Park surrounds the area, offering kilometers of scenic walking trails, opportunities for rowing and kayaking, and even an equestrian center.


Now, let’s delve deeper into the exceptional amenity offerings that Étoile Gold has in store. These amenities are spread across five lavish levels, each catering to various facets of a luxurious lifestyle. Inside, you’ll find an expansive 15,000 sq ft of indoor amenities, which include state-of-the-art fitness facilities, lounges equipped with kitchens, a co-working space, a library, and even a music room.


Outdoor amenities at Étoile Gold are equally enticing, with a refreshing swimming pool, a dedicated children’s play area, gardening plots for green thumbs, an inviting al fresco dining area, and a dog run for our furry companions.


Now, addressing practical concerns: does Étoile Gold Burnaby offer parking and storage facilities? Indeed, it does. An underground parkade provides storage for 758 strata bicycles, thoughtfully secured in double lockers. Additionally, there is parking for 376 vehicles, which includes 45 accessible spots, 39 for visitors, 5 for commercial use, 3 carshare spaces, and 2 car wash stalls.


In a nod to sustainability and the future, all residential parking spaces come equipped with Level 2 EV charging outlets. To further encourage environmentally conscious transportation choices, Étoile Gold offers carshare memberships and transit pass subsidies. For detailed information on these offerings, feel free to reach out.


Étoile Gold in Burnaby is not just a residential tower; it’s a masterpiece of design and functionality, carefully curated to cater to the diverse needs and desires of its fortunate residents. With its exceptional amenities, convenient location, and commitment to sustainable living, it sets a new standard for modern urban living.






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Etoile Gold in Burnaby, the presale project is accepting applications now. Register here to become an Ipresale Member and all details will be sent to your e-mail.



Floorplans for Etoile Gold


This Presale project in Burnaby, the presale project is accepting applications now. Register here to become an Ipresale Member and all details will be sent to your e-mail.









Etoile Gold celebrates the magnificence of the natural world, embracing the Earth, the vast sky, and the tranquil waters that surround it. Within its serene interiors, every detail has been painstakingly designed to seamlessly blend functionality with the breathtaking surroundings. Panoramic vistas are embraced, and spaces are bathed in the warm embrace of natural light, creating an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.

Moreover, the seamless integration of nature is evident throughout the design. Furthermore, the architectural details seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, the use of sustainable materials enhances the eco-friendly aspect of the development.


Explore our Presale directory  here. Discover the versatile floor plans that suit your preferences. Notably, the strategic layout of the property offers convenient access to amenities and breathtaking views.

Start building your own equity in this presale property and be a part of the community at Etoile Gold in Burnaby. Embark on a journey toward financial growth and stability. Furthermore, the sense of community fosters lasting relationships and a sense of belonging.
For More Information on Etoile Gold in Burnaby, inquire through our website or contact our dedicated sales team. Stay informed about the latest updates and availabilities.

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