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Posted by ravi@ravibhindi.ca on May 20, 2022

Pre-construction Stage: Phases, Activities & Process

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a Pre-construction Phase for a Presale Project? This blog highlights what it is and what happens in different stages of the Pre-construction Project.

What Exactly is A Preconstruction Stage?

The pre-construction phase is the period between initiating a project and breaking ground. It includes all of the activities that are performed before construction starts.

The pre-construction phase is also sometimes known as the “prep” or “design” phase, because it includes developing plans for the project and getting them approved by all parties involved.

The pre-construction phase is the period before actual construction begins on a project.

It begins with the idea for a new building or addition, and ends before actual construction begins. The length of this phase varies by project, but in general it takes between three months and two years.

What Happens in A Preconstruction stage of a Presale Project?

The architect, designers and the other personnel on the developer team usually help with the following steps in pre-construction stage:

  • Preparation of design documents including site plans, floor plans and elevations, exterior elevations and interior finishes
  • Developing a Construction Plan for the project
  • Procuring a competent construction team, financing, building material and labor
  • Obtaining approvals from local authorities
  • Negotiation of contracts with suppliers
  • Development of pricing schedules (including direct costs).
  • Determining what amenities will be included in each unit (e.g., storage space, closet space).
  • Determine parking & storage needs for bicycles/motorcycles/mopeds/etc.

Once they have all of this information together, they can begin working on pricing models and deposit structures so that they know how much money they need from investors or first-time home buyers in order to build out their vision for the community.

How Long Does the Pre-construction of a Presale Project Take?

Pre-construction construction will depend on the scope of the project, the location, and more but will usually be somewhere in the range of 12 weeks to unto 2 years

There are other variables like the supply chain for building materials, labor shortages, weather conditions, economic conditions that may or may not affect the construction of a presale project

Pre-construction Stage: Phases, Activities & Process

Closing Thoughts

Pre-construction services involve more than just documents that the general contractor provides to the client.

It is very important for the investor to consult with a Presale Expert that can give a clear picture about developer’s reputation, their past projects and estimate on the financial calculations and property appreciation.

That being said, Ravi Bhindi is a seasoned realtor that has over 18 years of experience in the field of presales and his advice in the pre construction space can help you tremendously. Call him at 604-825-8881 or fill this form out and he will call you right back.

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