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Ipresale condos offers the most current and accurate information to help our clients leverage pre construction condo buying.

building passive income that keeps pace with inflation

Investment properties are a great way to build financial wealth and income. Make the leap from renter to builder with iPreSale condos.

investing in presale without a mortgage

Our Real Estate Professionals will guide you through the whole process of presale investing that might not even need a mortgage

First-time buyer perks and program

iPresale Condos is committed to your real estate education. We teach you how to invest in real estate with confidence from a first-time home buyer's perspective.

The Realtors at Ipresale did a great job at informing us about the market and how to be successful in real estate. I have been looking into real estate for years but this was the first time that I actually felt confident enough to take the next step.
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We’ll help you understand why the presale market is so unique and if now is the right time to buy your dream condo or a perfect real estate investment.

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